Current Members

Arturo Toro, B.S.

Post-baccalaureate student—GREP student


Several neurodegenerative diseases share distinctive characteristics at the cellular level, such as oxidative stress, mitochondrial malfunction, and protein aggregation. While we partially understand how these malfunctions ultimately lead to neurodegeneration, we can better distinguish the series of steps that lead to the disease’s progression, by looking at genetic mutations commonly represented in specific diseases.

By studying mass quantities of genetic mutations using Drosophila models, I hope to find the exact alterations in the cell’s machinery associated with different diseases. As a prospective medical student, I plan to continue this research to develop new therapeutic approaches to help my (future) patients.


Education and Training

2019         B.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University      

Honors and Awards

2019 Graduated with Departmental Honors, Johns Hopkins University


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